Product recall sign regarding the hazardous consumer products recalled by Health Canada

Health Canada has recalled a number of products over hazard concerns. The recalled products include Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits, Grower’s Edge Deluxe and Commercial Vaporizers, and Thule Sleek Car Seat Adapter.

If you own any of these products, you should stop using them immediately. You may also be entitled to a refund, store credit or replacement product.

Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits Recall

Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Grizzly Industrial Inc. have issued a joint recall of the Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits.

Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits were recalled because they reportedly contain excess amounts of lead that surpass the allowable limits. The recall pertains to two tool kits. The first is model H3044 (UPC 690550130441) and contains tools, toy safety goggles, suspenders, work belt, work gloves, and a hard hat. The second is model H5855 (UPC 690550158551) and contains tools, toy safety goggles, and a tool box.

These tool kits were recalled because they may contain lead in excess of the amount allowed by the Consumer Products Containing Lead Regulations.

The Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits were reportedly sold from September 2002 through November 2019.

The Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits are made in China by Meridian International Co. Ltd. and are distributed by Grizzly Industrial Inc., which is located in Bellingham, Washington.

No reports of injuries have been reported in either Canada or in the United States, as of March 9, 2020. Approximately 102 products were sold in Canada.

If you have one of the recalled Grizzly Children’s Tool Kits, you should stop using it immediately and return it to Grizzly for a full refund.

Thule Sleek Car Seat Adapter Recall

The Thulle Sleek Car Seat Adapter for Chicco was also recalled Thursday over concerns that the car seat adapter can break when overloaded, creating a fall hazard. The car seat adapter recall was jointly issued by Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Thule AB.

The Thule Sleek Car Seat Adapter is used to place a Chicco car seat in the Thule Sleek Stroller. It was sold under UPC number 091021188099 and product number 11000301. A sticker located on the plastic bracket has the product number listed on it.Thule car seat adapter with stroller showing that the adapter is recalled over a fall hazard

Only the adapter is being recalled. The Chicco car seat and the Thule Sleek Stroller are not subject to recall.

As of March 2, 2020 Thule received one report of breakage and one minor injury in Canada. Thule received three reports of breakage in the United States but no reports of injuries. Eighty-seven car seat adapters were reportedly sold in Canada and about 1,430 were sold in the United States.

The Thule Sleek Car Adapter was made in China by MaHansheng and was distributed by Thule AB, which is in Malmo, Sweden.

If you currently have a Thule Sleek Car Seat Adapter, you should immediately stop using it. Contact Thule to learn how to return the adapter for a refund or a replacement product.

Grower’s Edge Deluxe and Commercial Vaporizers Recall

Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Hawthorne Canada Ltd. have jointly issued a recall of Grower’s Edge Deluxe and Commercial Vaporizers over concern that they may pose a fire, burn or electric shock hazard.

The Grower’s Edge vaporizers are sold by Hawthorne Hydroponics. They are used to optimize plant growth by spraying vaporized materials onto the plants. Typically, the vaporizers are suspended from a hook.

According to the product recall notice, the vaporizers can overheat. When overheated, the vaporized materials may create a burn risk if they are spilled, or they may cause a fire if the vaporized materials fall on something combustible. The deluxe vaporizer reportedly poses a risk of electric shock.

There are two products included in the vaporizer recall. The first is the Deluxe Model with model number 704050 and UPC number 870883005795. The second is the Commercial Model with model number 740650 and UPC number 870883000608.

There were approximately 339 products sold in Canada from January 2018 to January 2020 and approximately 60,847 sold in the United States from August 2011 to January 2020.

As of March 11, there were no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada. There were nine incident reports in the United States regarding the Deluxe vaporizer and two incident reports regarding the Commercial vaporizer. No injuries have been reported.

If you have any of the recalled Grower’s Edge vaporizer products, you should stop using them immediately. You should return the products to the store where you purchased them in order to receive a full refund in the form of a store credit.

Did you purchase any of the hazardous consumer products that have been recalled? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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