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Following a three year class action lawsuit, Airbnb has agreed to settle a Quebec lawsuit that alleged the company violated Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act by advertising prices on its platforms but adding charges at checkout. If you made an Airbnb reservation while in Quebec, you may be entitled to settlement credits from the Airbnb class action settlement.

Your chance to claim your Airbnb settlement credit has arrived, but act fast! The settlement will be closing June 30, 2020. On May 6, the Quebec Superior Court approved the Airbnb settlement and ordered that Airbnb contact Class Members by email. If you are a Class Member, you have likely already been contacted about the settlement.

Airbnb class action settlement notice

The Airbnb class action was filed in August 2017 in the Superior Court of Québec. The plaintiff, Martin Preisler, alleged that Airbnb violated the Consumer Protection Act by charging extra fees when consumers book accommodations on the Airbnb platform at a price above that displayed at the first stage of browsing on the Airbnb website or mobile app.

Every person residing in Quebec, who between August 22, 2014 and June 26, 2019, while in the province of Quebec, booked accommodations for anywhere in the world, for a purpose other than business travel, using Airbnb’s websites and/or mobile app and who paid a price higher than the price initially advertised by Airbnb (excluding the QST or the GST) is included in the Airbnb class action lawsuit settlement.

Class Members are automatically included and bound by the settlement, unless they have opted out.

How do I Opt out?

If you do not wish to be bound by the Airbnb class action settlement, you must exclude yourself by June 30, 2020. Importantly, if you opt out of the settlement, you will not receive the settlement credits.

To opt out, you must send a duly signed request for exclusion sent to the clerk of the Superior Court of Québec. The exclusion request must contain the following:

  • The Court docket number of the Class Action (Preisler v. Airbnb, C.S.M. 500-06-000884-177);
  • Name and contact information;
  • Email address associated with your Airbnb account; and
  • A declaration stating that you wish to exclude yourself from the class action.

The request for exclusion must be sent by registered or certified mail before June 30, 2020 to the Superior Court of Québec, with copy to Class counsel.

What are the Settlement Benefits?

The Airbnb class action lawsuit settlement provides that Airbnb will implement a business practice whereby the price advertised to Quebec consumers at the first step of browsing on the Airbnb platform will represent the price including applicable service charges, excluding applicable taxes.

Airbnb has also agreed to give each eligible Class Member a single redeemable settlement credit of a value of up to CAD $45 each, depending on the total number of approved claims. These settlement credits may be used to book an accommodation on the Airbnb platform in any location worldwide. However, the credits are one-time use only, non-transferable, non-refundable, non cash-convertible, and cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon.

Additionally, in order to redeem a settlement credit, Class Members must accept the most recent version of Airbnb’s Terms of Service. Once issued, a redeemable credit expires after 24 months.

In exchange, Class Members agree to the following terms set out by Airbnb:

  • Acknowledge that the benefits offered in the Airbnb settlement are in full and complete settlement of Class Members’ claims; and
  • Agree to give up any claims they have against Airbnb arising from the display of prices on the Airbnb platform before the practice change was implemented.

How do I Claim My Settlement Credit?

Claiming the Airbnb settlement credit is simple. You must click on the link provided in the Notice of Approval of a Class Action Settlement email you received, and Airbnb will issue the redeemable credit of up to $45 to your Airbnb account.

Airbnb class action settlement claim page

Claims will automatically be registered and will be associated with your Airbnb account. Once submitted, the claim will be validated and the redeemable settlement credit will be issued to your Airbnb account after the Claims Administrator processes the requests. The credit will be automatically applied to a future accommodation booking.

The claims deadline is June 30, 2020. No Claims will be accepted and no redeemable credit will be issued for claims received after the deadline.

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Did you receive an Airbnb settlement email? Let us know in the comments section below.

Class Members are represented by Me Joey Zukran of LPC Avocats.

The Airbnb Class Action Lawsuit is Martin Preisler v. Airbnb Ireland UC, et al., Case No. 500-06-000884-177, in the Superior Court of Québec, Canada.

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  • Elisabeth Belardo August 12, 2020

    Hello, I had submitted my claim for the $45.00 credit for the Airbnb before the June 30/2020 deadline and when I checked my account, I still have not received it. Have they been paid out yet?

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