As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread uncertainty worldwide, many consumers are now looking for clarity in legal assistance. 

Coronavirus lawsuits have been filed in Canada over a variety of issues including failure to refund, business interruption insurance, cures and preventions, impact on employees, and more. 

Here is our sanitized guide to the coronavirus outbreak that will be continually updated with the latest in legal news. 

Woman wearing mask and applying hand sanitizer regarding Health Canada issuing a warning to consumers about fraudulent N95 respirators and lifting restrictions on technical-grade ethanol


COVID-19 Price Gouging

Since the COVID-19 pandemic a wide range of retailers have jumped on the opportunity to raise the price for certain products to match the sudden increased demand. This has resulted in consumers accusing the retailers of unfair price gouging and has taking action in the form of coronavirus price gouging lawsuits. 

These price gouging lawsuits include:

If you or a loved one was a victim of coronavirus price gouging you may be able to obtain compensation for the violation of your rights and join a coronavirus class action lawsuit. Check out the lawsuits above!

money and face masks regarding the COVID-19 price-gouging class action lawsuit filed in Canada

Price gouging over face masks due to COVID-19.

n95 respirators and face masks regarding the price-gouging class action lawsuit filed against Caonic Systems Inc.

N95 Respirators have been part of price-gouging schemes.

False positive COVID-19 test results lead to class action in Ontario

False positive COVID-19 test results has lead to class actions in Ontario.

Health worker in hazmat looking at COVID-19 test regarding the false COVID-19 positive results class action lawsuit to be filed

A health worker analyzing a COVID-19 test.

Doctor holding a positive COVID-19 labeled test tube regarding the false COVID-19 positive test results class action lawsuit to be filed against Lab

Doctor holding a positive COVID-19 labeled test tube.

Coronavirus Cures and Preventions

As the world continues life in the pandemic, health departments worldwide have been reporting progress about potential vaccines and cures that could be ready within the year. Despite this, to date there has not been a safe coronavirus cure or vaccine approved by officials worldwide. Even so, there has been numerous claims of discounted at-home coronavirus tests and coronavirus cures, which have turned out to be fake and dangerous to use. This has resulted in a range of lawsuits being filed against the sellers and producers of these fake coronavirus cures. See the full list below:

Coronavirus Failure to Refund

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many flights and events have been cancelled and the typical facilities available to members are now no longer provided. Despite these cancellations various companies are refusing to issue refunds, leaving consumers in difficult positions in the middle of a pandemic. 

As a result, numerous class action lawsuits have been initiated to help consumers receive the refunds they deserve. These lawsuits include:

Man looking for flight information amid COVID-19 flight cancelations

Cancelled flights are not covered during COVID-19.

Stubhub logo regarding the class action filed against the company over ticket refunds

A Stubhub class action lawsuit has been filed for COVID-19 ticket refunds.

RBC Bank

RBC is facing a class action lawsuit over non refunded Rewards points for flights cancelled due to COVID-19.

An empty parking lot regarding the University of Victoria parking permit refund class action lawsuit filed

The University of Victoria has been hit with a class action lawsuit seeking refunds for parking permits.

COVID-19 Impact on Employees

Numerous workers are fighting back against employers who are failing to provide proper protections against COVID-19. Employers are now liable for providing a safe work environment for their workers and ensuring that they are not being put at risk by asking to come into work.

To avoid further abuse of worker’s rights, and fight against the abuses that have already occurred, various lawsuits have been filed, including:

Coronavirus Business Interruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous losses to a wide range of businesses, losses which business owners expected would be covered by their business interruption insurance policies. Instead, business owners are being refused insurance for the policies they paid for, leaving business owners concerned and angry. 

As a result business owners are taking action, filing complaints and lawsuits against the insurance companies who are denying their claims. These business interruption insurance lawsuits include:

If you own a business that has been impacted by the COVID closures and have been denied compensation by your insurance company, join our Pandemic Business Interruption Canada Potential Lawsuit

MEat packing workers regarding the Cargill COVID-19 class action lawsuit filed

Cargill Ltd. has been hit with a class action lawsuit over a COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Employment termination notice regarding the class action lawsuit filed against Steve Nash Fitness

Steve Nash fired many employees amid COVID-19, and is facing a class action.

Employment termination notice regarding the class action lawsuit filed against Steve Nash Fitness World over the termination of all its employees

What are your rights for COVID-19 employment termination?

Royal Canadian Legion branch regarding the class action lawsuit filed against Aviva

The Royal Canadian Legion has filed an Aviva Insurance class action lawsuit.

Oaklandish clothing store has been forced to close due to covid-19.

Business owner putting up closed sign.

Stressed business owner regarding the business interruption class action lawsuit filed

A class action lawsuit has been launched against Gore Mutual Insurance Company.

Empty dentist office regarding the dental clinic class action lawsuit filed after an insurance company denied a business loss claim

Dental clinics have reportedly been denied insurance coverage for COVID-19.

Business insurance policy sign regarding the class action lawsuit filed against insurance companies not paying losses to businesses.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against insurers who refuse to pay businesses for loses amid COVID-19.

Coronavirus Spread in Canada

The coronavirus has rapidly spread through Canada, with countless lives affected from frequent travellers  to nursing home patients and their families. Claims of negligence, not clearly communicating the risk of COVID-19 and a questionable to the pandemic have led to numerous lawsuits being filed.

These include:

Coronavirus Spread in Jails, Detention Centers

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly across Canada, from nursing homes and work spaces to jails and detention centers. The spread across jails has created a wide range of issues and lawsuit claims, from a breakdown of safety procedures to detainees requesting release due to poor COVID-19 conditions. 

These issues and lawsuits include:

COVID tracing app on phone

COVID-19 tracing is raising privacy concerns as Quebec privacy commissioner sounds the alarm.

Two people on phones in masks checking COVID-19 tracking app

Mandatory face masks raise constitutional concerns.

Main in prisons awaiting bail as Canadian courts release inmates on bail due to COVID-19 risks

Canadian courts are postponing trials due to COVID-19.

A group of Alberta lawyers say that a plethora of post-pandemic lawsuits should be expected as COVID-19 restrictions wind down in the coming months.

A group of Alberta lawyers say that a plethora of post-pandemic lawsuits should be expected as COVID-19 restrictions wind down.

Coronavirus Impact on Schools

The coronavirus pandemic impacted on schools in a variety of ways, from a school trips being cancelled to private schools and universities being hit by COVID-19 interruptions.

These impacts have resulted in a significant amount of backlash, from demands to lawsuits. These include:

Have you been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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