Woman wearing medical mask applying hand sanitizer regarding the Canadian consumer guide to the coronavirus

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread uncertainty worldwide, many consumers are now looking for clarity in legal assistance. Here is our sanitized guide to the coronavirus outbreak that will be continually updated with the latest in legal news. 

Mandatory Face Masks Raise Constitutional Concerns

Are mandatory face mask orders constitutional? A constitutional challenge, involving about 20 individuals, entities, municipal and regional governments, and public health agencies, is taking the question to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

According to the constitutional challenge, the plaintiffs argue that the health measures established to combat the new coronavirus are ineffective, unjustified and illegal because they are not based on any scientific or medical evidence.

in addition to arguing that face masks are ineffective, the CCF claims that Ontario’s June 12 order imposing mandatory face masks in commercial establishments breaches the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Read more about the constitutional challenge by clicking here. 

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Cancelled School Trips

Frustrated parents have resorted to a class action lawsuit to get their money back from schools after their children’s end-of-year school trip was cancelled. child home from school due to COVID-19

“It’s stealing!” says Claudia Brousseau, plaintiff and mother of a student at École Notre-Dame in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, in the Lanaudière region of Quebec.

Like the many COVID-19 class action lawsuits filed in the wake of the pandemic, the cancelled school trip class action lawsuit centres on the existence of a force majeure event.

Click here to learn more about force majeure and why it’s being claimed in COVID-19 class action lawsuits.

Business Interruption Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Contract Breach

upset business owners regarding the business loss insurance class action lawsuit filedIntact Insurance Company and Aviva are among the 20 insurance companies named in this class action lawsuit accusing them of refusing to compensate policyholders for business interruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Civil conspiracy is alleged by the business interruption insurance class action lawsuit, specifically due to the insurance companies’ purported refusal to honour contracts and in some cases, not examine claims at all.

The goal of the class members is to receive the relief they believe they are entitled to, according to their specific policies.

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Class Action Lawsuit Over Quebec Private School COVID-19 Interruptions

Parents are filing suit seeking reimbursed for school fees after the coronavirus forced schools to close. The class action lawsuit is against all Montreal private schools, from Terrebonne to Candiac, Blainville and Saint-Bruno.girl distance learning due to COVID-19

The parents leading the private school class action lawsuit against College Charles-Lemoyne De Longueuil and other schools feel that “the quantity and quality of distance education and teaching provided via the Internet [to their children] is not comparable to the quantity and quality of education and teaching provided in person in a classroom, where the teacher is present and there is interaction with [their children] and other students.”

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Intact Insurance Facing Multiple Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuit against Intact Insurance is piling up as the company allegedly continues to deny business income loss insurance claims amid COVID-19.

The lead plaintiff in this class action lawsuit purchased and paid regular premiums for an “all-risks” insurance policy from Intact Insurance. Despite being covered by an all-risk policy, the plaintiff alleges that its claim for business losses due to COVID-19 restrictions that shut down most of the nation was denied.

This proposed Intact Insurance class action lawsuit seeks to represent all Canadian residents, excluding those in Quebec, who had business interruption insurance through Intact from March 17, 2020 to the present.

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COVID-19 Concerns Linger as Ontario Courts Reopen

Court personnel and lawyers are voicing their concerns as Ontario courts resume in-person proceedings after closing their doors for months due to COVID-19 risks. lawyer wearing mask as Ontario courts reopen

Prosecutors and courthouse staff filed a court notice seeking an injunction to stop the courts from reopening claiming the province’s reopening plan lacks basic safety measures and would risk exposing them and their families to COVID-19.

The Ministry of the Attorney General assured that Ontario courts would reopen gradually, with the goal of having all courtrooms operational by November.

Click here to learn more about Ontario courts’ reopening plan amid COVID-19 concerns. 

Cargill Meat-Packing Plant Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Deadly COVID-19 Outbreak

MEat packing workers regarding the Cargill COVID-19 class action lawsuit filedthe Cargill beef-processing plant has been slapped with a class action lawsuit after a COVID-19 outbreak  that was linked to more than 1,500 cases of the novel coronavirus and three deaths.

The Cargill COVID-19 class action lawsuit accuses the company of failing to take adequate measures to protect its employees and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. This class action lawsuit is on behalf of individuals who had close contact with employees at the Cargill beef processing plant.

Employees allegedly complained that they were afraid to come to work because the facility was simply too crowded to practice physical distancing. According to CBC News, the High River meat-packing plant employs more than 2,000 people.

Read more about the conditions Cargill employees faced amid COVID-19 by clicking here.

Aviva Insurance Company Facing Canada-Wide Class Action Lawsuit

A nation-wide class action lawsuit has been filed against Aviva Insurance Company over allegations it wrongfully denied business interruption claims filed by policyholders in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Aviva Insurance class action lawsuit, businesses that held Aviva insurance policies tried to make claims under the terms of their policy’s “contagious disease coverage.”

Florist looking stressed regarding the Aviva class action lawsuit filedThese claims were denied by Aviva Insurance Company because the company determined that the loss of business due to coronavirus does not constitute a contagious or infectious disease.

“The loss potential from a pandemic, in practical terms, is infinite, and insurance companies have only finite balance sheets” one insurance company’s executive officer told reporters.

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Lackner McLennan Insurance Accused of Breach in Class Action Lawsuit

Novex Insurance Company, Intact Insurance Company and Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd. are facing a class action lawsuit claiming the companies denied policyholders’ claims for business interruption losses while they were forced to close their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An empty massage bed regarding the Novex insurance class action lawsuit filed by massage therapistOn March 21, the lead plaintiff , Kayla Kyle-Moffat, was forced to close her massage therapy business to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in British Columbia. Kayla is insured by Novex Insurance. Lackner McLennan is reportedly the largest insurance provider for registered massage therapists in Ontario and British Columbia.

When Kayla informed Lackner that she would make a claim for business interruption loss, she was reportedly told that there would be no coverage. Lackner allegedly refused to assist her with making a claim.

Kayla argues that her insurance policy was meant to provide “peace of mind” to policyholders, and that the insurer knew that breach of contract would be likely to cause financial hardship for the insured.

Read more about the Lackner Insurance company class action lawsuit.

Aviva Insurance Company Faces Class Action Lawsuit by Royal Canadian Legions

Aviva Insurance is facing a class action lawsuit that includes 625 Royal Canadian Legion branches as plaintiffs and alleges that Aviva Insurance failed to adhere to the terms of its insurance policies when it came to veterans’ COVID-19 claims.

According the the Aviva Insurance class action lawsuit the company denied the legions’ claims based on a very narrow reading of their policies.

Aviva Insurance is asserting that the term “outbreak” does not cover the current situation, specifically the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

“The insurance is denying coverage on the basis that they do not feel that a pandemic is the equivalent to an outbreak,” a lawyer representing the plaintiffs and proposed Class Members explained to Insurance Business Canada.

Learn more about the Aviva Insurance class action lawsuit by clicking here. 

Northwood Long-Term Care Class Action Lawsuit Adds Nova Scotia

A long-term care COVID-19 class action lawsuit lodged against the Northwood facility has been expanded to include the Nova Scotia government.

According to the proposed long-term care COVID-19 class action lawsuit, on April 5, a staff member tested positive for the virus. This staff member had allegedly spread the disease throughout the facility, says the complaint, leading to deaths of residents on a near-daily basis through the remainder of April and May.

The long-term care COVID-19 class action lawsuit also alleges that the government of Nova Scotia was remiss in its oversight of long-term care facilities in the province.

Click here to learn why the proposed long-term care COVID-19 class action lawsuit accuses Northwood and other defendants of negligence amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Woodbridge Vista Long-Term Care Home Class Action Lawsuit Filed After COVID-19 Deaths

Lawyers representing plaintiffs in the Woodbridge Vista Care Community class action lawsuit say they will attempt to hold the operators of the Ontario-based nursing home financially responsible for the deployment of Canada’s Armed Forces at their facilities.Seniors looking shocked and upset regarding the Woodbridge Vista Care Community class action lawsuit filed against the long term care homes' operators

Ontario nursing homes have reportedly been hotbeds of COVID-19 outbreaks, as well as allegations of neglect and abuse. The Canadian Armed Forces reportedly stepped in when it became apparent that the operators of these facilities could not handle the outbreak.

The Woodbridge Vista long-term care home class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of two women who lost their mothers to COVID-19 while they were residents of the facility.

Click here to read what military personnel reportedly revealed after stepping in to help.

Quebec Universities Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Amid COVID-19

Students from 15 Quebec universities are demanding a partial refund of their tuition for the semester disrupted by COVID-19.

After Quebec government ordered the suspension of courses at the province’s educational institutions on March 13, several universities reformatted their in-person classes to take place online.Quebec university class cancelled due to COVID-19

The Quebec university class action lawsuit alleges that the cancellation of in-person classes across the province caused students to lose access to essential learning services, like libraries and training seminars.

Read more about why students argue the educational services provided amid COVID-19 were significantly inferior to what they were entitled to receive.

Canadian Troops Could Be Called to Testify in Long-Term Care Homes Class Action Lawsuits

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces who stepped in to help with the COVID-19 outbreak at nursing facilities could be called to testify in long-term care class action lawsuits.

CBC News reports that, after stepping in to help in long-term care homes struggling with outbreaks of COVID-19 among their residents, the Canadian Armed Forces uncovered nursing home neglect and cruelty.

CBC News says that allegations include bullying, improper feeding, use of drugs on residents, and residents being left in dirty bedding for hours and even days.

Read more about what members of the Canadian Armed Forces reported seeing when sent to impacted long-term care homes.

Lawsuit Against Quebec Claims Unreasonable Confinement Amid COVID-19

A new lawsuit claims the measures the Quebec government took during the COVID-19 pandemic were “unreasonable and unjustifiable.”Man wearing mask sitting alone regarding the COVID-19 lawsuit filed against Quebec

The COVID-19 lawsuit claims that the measures taken during the health crisis infringed on citizens’ rights and freedoms. The plaintiffs argue that the government could have taken less draconian measures to protect residents.

The plaintiffs claim in the COVID-19 lawsuit that Quebec’s rules that prohibited residents to leave long term care facilities and prevent guests from visiting were discriminatory and failed to account for an individual resident’s health.

Click here to learn why this class action lawsuit claims the COVID-19 restrictions infringed upon their freedom of movement.

Intact Insurance Hit With Another Class Action Lawsuit Over Denied COVID-19 Coverage

Intact Insurance Company is facing another class action lawsuit accusing the insurer of denying coverage to policyholders for losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

21st Century Foods reportedly had an all-risk commercial insurance policy with Intact Insurance. The policy contains business interruption insurance, according to the Intact Insurance class action lawsuit.

However, before it could file the claim, Intact Insurance reportedly wrote to 21st Century Foods’ president to say that it would not indemnify the catering company for business interruption losses.

Find out why Intact Insurance Company is sending policyholders denial letters before they even submit claims by clicking here.

COVID-19 Travel Ban Sparks Class Action Lawsuit Against Newfoundland and Labrador

Family putting on masks by car regarding the COVID-19 travel ban class action lawsuit filedNewfoundland and Labrador’s COVID-19 travel ban on seasonal residents has come under fire in a newly proposed class action lawsuit that alleges Canadian’s mobility rights.

“Canadian citizens and permanent residents ordinarily resident elsewhere in Canada who wish to reside in the province at their property situate in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador appear to be outside the scope of these exceptions,” alleges the proposed COVID-19 travel ban class action lawsuit.

Read more about why the class action lawsuit claims seasonal residents are suffering losses due to the travel ban.

Altamont Care Community Facing Class Action Lawsuit After COVID-19 Deaths

Altamont Care Community is the latest nursing home facing a class action lawsuit alleging a failure to properly protect and care for residents amid COVID-19.

This class action lawsuit is one of many filed against nursing homes and their operators in Ontario in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it is not the first one filed against the operator of Altamont Care Community, Sienna Senior Living Inc.

At least 53 residents at Altamont have died as a result of contracting COVID-19 and related illnesses since March 17, 2020.

Read more about Altamont Care Community’s alleged failures amid COVID-19 by clicking here. 

Orchard Villa Facing Class Action Lawsuit After Residents Die of COVID-19

A $40 million class action lawsuit has been filed over the handling of a COVID-19 outbreak at the Orchard Villa long-term care home which led to the deaths of at least 31 residents.nurse checking person's pulse regarding the Orchard Villa class action lawsuit filed Amid COVID-19 deaths

Orchard Villa is a long-term care home and retirement home located in Pickering, Ontario. According to the Orchard Villa class action lawsuit, the facility has the capacity for up to 308 residents.

“Due to staff shortages, residents received inadequate care in respect of basic necessities, such as bathing and maintaining catheters,” the Orchard Villa class action lawsuit says. “As a result, residents suffered from urinary tract infections, dehydration, and other related physical ailments, resulting in hospitalizations and/or deaths.”

Find out who is included in the Orchard Villa class action lawsuit by clicking here. 

COVID-19 Layoffs: Your Questions Answered

Mass closures across Canada due to COVID-19 safety measures have extended to numerous business domains, resulting in a new phenomenon: COVID-19 layoffs. Both employees and employers have been significantly affected by the pandemic; about one in three workers in Ontario were impacted by the economic shutdown.

Lawyers, however, warn that COVID-19 layoffs may be illegal and lead to litigation. Employers and employees may therefore find themselves wondering whether temporary layoffs during COVID-19 are legal.

Learn more about the legal consequences of the pandemic and if layoffs during COVID-19 are legal.

StubHub Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Refusing Ticket Refunds

StubHub Canada Ltd. and StubHub Inc. have been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging they refused to issue refunds to Canadians who purchased tickets for events that were cancelled, or will likely be cancelled, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woman making money sign with hands regarding the Stubhub ticket refund class action lawsuit filedPlaintiff Shandelle Randall of Mississauga, Ontario, says she purchased four tickets from StubHub for approximately $1,181 for a Toronto Raptors home basketball game that was scheduled for March 24 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

When the NBA suspended its season on March 11, Shandelle reviewed StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee and felt reassured that she would receive a full refund for the price she paid for her tickets if the Raptors game was cancelled.

Later, she learned that StubHub had revised the language of its FanProtect Guarantee to state that customers would receive a credit for a future StubHub purchase instead of a full refund as was initially promised.

Click here to learn why the StubHub refund class action lawsuit argues that customers are entitled to receive a prompt refund in the original form of payment.

Ticketmaster Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Refund Policy

“Abusive” is how a class action lawsuit is describing Ticketmaster’s new refund policy amid COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the Ticketmaster refund class action lawsuit, Ticketmaster’s policy prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was to immediately refund customers for the amounts they paid for event tickets if the event was cancelled, postponed or rescheduled.

On March 12, however, Ticketmaster reportedly abruptly changed its policy so that it would only issue refunds for cancelled events after 30 days, and that the event promoters or organizers would be responsible for offering refunds or credits if Ticketmaster deemed the event to be postponed or rescheduled.

The Ticketmaster refund policy change led to serious backlash from angry consumers.

Read more about Ticketmaster’s alleged website changes amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Toronto Lawyers Expand Failed COVID-19 Response Class Action Lawsuit

Sienna Senior Living Inc. has been added to a proposed class action lawsuit against the operators of nursing home’s failed COVID-19 response.Man looking down upset regarding the nursing homes failed COVID-19 response class action lawsuit expanding to include Sienna Senior Living Inc.

According to Diamond and Diamond Lawyer, the Toronto-based firm that filed the initial class action lawsuit in April, the addition of Sienna Senior Living will bring the total damages claimed to $100 million.

“There needs to be full accountability with regards to the management and operation of each of these homes. The state of some of them is appalling,” said a senior partner at Diamond and Diamond in a press release, also noting that the alleged failed COVID-19 response starts with the leadership at these organizations.

Find out the other nursing homes named in this class action lawsuit by clicking here.

Promutuel Facing COVID-19 Insurance Class Action Over Insurance Denials

Promutuel Réassurance is the latest insurance company to be slapped with a class action lawsuit after they allegedly denied numerous  insurance claims because there were no “damages directly caused to the property.”

The representative plaintiff, Restaurant Elixor, had its insurance claim denied despite having an all-risk commercial insurance policy with the defendant, Promutuel.

“The Defendant’s grounds to deny altogether coverage under the Policy are fallacious, wrong, abusive and run contrary to the rules of contractual interpretation applying to an insurance contract in the province of Quebec,” argues the COVID-19 insurance class action lawsuit proposal.

Click here to learn why insurance companies are arguing a lack of a direct physical loss, damage, or destruction to property in order to deny policyholders business insurance claims.

Southbridge Care Homes Facing Multiple Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

Southbridge Care Homes has been hit with multiple nursing home neglect lawsuits alleging it failed to protect its residents from the spread of COVID-19.Senior woman sitting on bed regarding the nursing home neglect class action lawsuit filed against Southbridge Care Homes

At least 96 staff and 225 residents have reportedly been infected by COVID-19 at the nursing home, and at least 74 people have died from the illness.

According to the Ontario nursing home neglect lawsuit, residents continued to eat meals in the dining room despite the risk of COVID-19 spreading to residents and staff.

Southbridge Care Homes also allegedly failed to have an adequate visitor policy in place within a reasonable timeframe and failed to implement adequate sanitation practices to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to residents and staff of the long-term care home.

Click here to learn more about the alleged neglect amid COVID-19 in Southbridge Care Homes.

COVID-19 Standard of Care

The ongoing global pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box of novel legal questions, including the definition of “reasonable care” during a health crisis.

Once a duty of care is established, the party owing the duty of care must conduct themselves with reasonable prudence to uphold what is referred to as the “standard of care.” For example, a nursing home resident is owed a duty of care by the nursing home, which includes the company and staff.

Health institutions, such as hospitals and care facilities, have a duty to ensure safe working conditions, which includes putting in place appropriate safety precautions for personnel. Additionally, they must ensure the safety and care of patients.

Learn more about whose responsibility it is to enforce and maintain standards of care during a global pandemic by clicking here.

Air Transat Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Vouchers

Canada’s major airlines have been hit with another class action lawsuit, this time, against the Quebec-based company, Air Transat as well as Air Canada and their subsidiaries.Air Transat class action due to vouchers amid COVID-19

Much like the previous Canadian airline class action lawsuits, this class action lawsuit concerns Air Transat’s refusal to refund travellers for flights cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the COVID-19 travel restrictions, Air Transat and Air Canada cancelled most flights scheduled throughout April. Instead of refunding passengers, as per the usual policy, the Canadian airlines named in the class action lawsuit offered passengers airline vouchers, to be used within 24 months.

Perrier Avocats and Donati Maisonneuve, the Class Members’ representing law firms called the flight refund refusals a “unilateral change in the cancellation policy,” and are asking the Superior Court of Québec to order the defendants to refund customers whose flights were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Click here to find out what else the law firm is asking the defendants to pay passengers. 

Long-Term Care Homes Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over COVID-19 Response

The operators of Chartwell and Long-Term Care Homes failed to properly plan for the outbreak, putting their elderly residents at risk, according to a class action lawsuit.

The proposed Chartwell home class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of a man who lost his mother to COVID-19 while she was living at a Chartwell Retirement Residence.

The proposed Chartwell home class action was filed against a group of Long-term Care Homes that operate 25 facilities throughout the province of Ontario.

The plaintiff seeks to represent those who resided in the Chartwell homes since Jan. 10, 2020, along with their family members.

Learn more about the proposed Chartwell home class action lawsuit.

Lundy Manor Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Holding Events Amid COVID-19

Lundy Manor is accused of failing to implement policies protecting residents from COVID-19 transmission in a class action lawsuit. Senior man looking concerned in nursing home regarding the Lundy Manor class action lawsuit filed over its lack of COVID-19 response

The complaint alleges that, in the midst of the pandemic, operators continued to allow the use of communal dining facilities and even hosted group events, like card games and a pub night.

The lead plaintiff, Irene Bobyk, alleges that her mother died after contracting COVID-19 while living at Lundy Manor.

On April 2, 2020, there were 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Lundy Manor, according to CBC News. Since then, 18 residents have died, states Thorold News.

The proposed Lundy Manor COVID-19 class action lawsuit is seeking $20 million on behalf of residents and their families.

Click here to learn more about the allegations against Lundy Manor.

University of Victoria Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Parking Permit Refunds

A class action lawsuit is seeking refunds on behalf of anyone who purchased parking permits from the University of Victoria that were meant to be effective between March 16 and Aug. 31, 2020. The campus was actually closed on those dates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plaintiff Elizabeth Odessa Cheeke says that it was an express term of the parking permit contract that the University of Victoria would provide parking facilities to those who held valid permits.Arm using parking ticket machine regarding the University of Victoria parking permit class action lawsuit filed

According to the University of Victoria parking permit class action lawsuit, most of the buildings on campus have been closed since March 16.

Despite closing much of the campus, the University of Victoria announced on its website on March 20 that it would not issue partial refunds for parking permits.

Elizabeth says the University of Victoria has breached an express term of its parking permit contract. Learn more about the University of Victoria parking permit refund by clicking here. 

Toronto Restaurant Sues Insurance Company Over Denied COVID-19 Claims

Allianz Global Risks is the subject of a class action lawsuit filed by a Toronto restaurant owner and chef who says that the insurance company denied his claims for loss of profit during the pandemic.

The plaintiff, Hemant Bhagwani, says that his businesses had to shut down in the wake of the coronavirus. He claims that he pays $700,000 in rent each month and does not see any lasting relief in the future.

In the denied insurance claim lawsuit, Hemant says that he made several COVID-19 claims for lost profit, expenses, and other losses experienced by his restaurants, but his insurer, Allianz Global Risks, denied his claims.

The Toronto restaurant owner says his policy with Allianz covered “caused by order of civil authority to retard or prevent a conflagration or other catastrophe” and argues that the insurance company is obligated to cover his losses due to the pandemic.

Click here to learn more about denied insurance claims amid COVID-19.

Class Action Lawsuit to Be Filed Over False COVID-19 Positive Test Results

An Ottawa lab is the target of a proposed class action lawsuit over allegations that nursing home residents were given false COVID-19 positive test results. Health worker in hazmat looking at COVID-19 test regarding the false COVID-19 positive results class action lawsuit to be filed

Several residents and staff members at Case Manor Community Care, a senior care facility located in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, were tested for the virus. Eight of the tests came back positive, forcing four residents and four staff members to self-isolate. Additionally, the district health unit declared an outbreak.

Those who tested positive were retested using tests provided by a separate company. Those tests came back negative for COVID-19 and the senior care facility was reportedly declared coronavirus free.

Global News goes on to report that Spartan Bioscience has issued a voluntary recall for its rapid COVID-19 test; however, the company noted to reporters that the recall was issued over false-negative results.

Learn more about these allegedly faulty COVID-19 tests by clicking here.

Alberta Lawyers Prepare for Post-Pandemic Lawsuits

A group of Alberta lawyers say that a plethora of post-pandemic lawsuits should be expected as COVID-19 restrictions wind down in the coming months.lawyer working on stack of paperwork regarding Alberta lawyers saying there will be a plethora of post-pandemic COVID-19 lawsuits

Alberta’s civil courts already faced deep backlogs, reports the Journal, mainly due to lack of funding. That in addition to the limitations placed on civil courts due to the coronavirus, will put courts behind.

Alberta lawyers say that they should now brace for post-pandemic lawsuits, which are expected to include an uptick in class action lawsuits, contractual issues, insolvencies, and defamation actions related to COVID-19 restrictions in the province

Learn more about the lawsuits lawyers are expecting after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Courts Release Inmates on Bail Due to COVID-19 Risks

The current COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting the criminal justice system in several ways.

Paperwork has now been replaced by electronic documents, court appearances are taking place over the phone or video conferencing, and judges, lawyers, and staff are limiting their time in the courthouse by working remotely, reports CBC.

Another COVID-19 courthouse novelty is the increasing number of bail hearings being convened across the country to ensure physical distancing in prisons in order to curb the spread of the virus. 

Click here to learn about the renewed effort to get certain inmates out of jail to stop the spread of COVID-19 among the inmate population.

Canadian Insurance Industry Faces Another COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit against Intact Insurance, which could impact thousands of businesses, is now before the Superior Court of Quebec. This comes after the insurance company refused to pay business interruption claims amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The proposal explains that many other businesses were likewise illegally deprived of the benefits of their insurance policy with Intact Insurance.Insurance files regarding Canadian insurance industry class action lawsuit

Thousands of businesses can consequently join the class action, as Intact Insurance controls approximately 25% of the insurance market in Quebec, according to the class action lawsuit proposal.

Click here to learn more about the COVID-19 Intact Insurance Class Action Lawsuit

Revera Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Failed COVID-19 Response

Two men who lost their mothers to coronavirus have launched a $50 million class action lawsuit against Revera, the operator of the care facilities where their mothers were living when they died.

The class action lawsuit claims that the operator failed to provide the facilities adequate testing resources and failed to follow sanitation protocols.Nurse taking care of elderly woman regarding the Revera class action lawsuit over the nursing home's response to COVID-19

 In addition, the plaintiffs say that Revera failed to tell residents and their loved ones of measures that would have kept them safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We need to do better,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a recent daily briefing. “Because we are failing our parents, our grandparents, our elders – the greatest generation who built this country. We need to care for them properly.”

Click here to read more about the Revera class action lawsuit.

Nurses’ Association Seeks Court Order for PPE Access Amid Pandemic

The Ontario Nurses’ Association is seeking a pair of court orders to force senior care homes to provide staff access to personal protective equipment after the facilities reportedly restricted and even denied staff access to it in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.Man coughing near nurse with mask on regarding the Ontario Nurses' Association filing a court order requiring long-term care homes to provide nurses with PPE

The association also contends that proper containment of the virus is not occurring, with residents who have been tested for COVID-19 permitted to access common areas with other residents, such as dining halls.

Lawyers representing the association contend that coronavirus is spreading like “wildfire” at these facilities.

Learn more about why the nurses say PPE is essential to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Homeless Shelter Lawsuit Filed Against Toronto Over COVID-19 Spacing

The City of Toronto is facing a new lawsuit from several advocacy groups alleging that many of the city’s homeless shelters fail to allow sufficient distance between people to protect them from COVID-19.

According to the advocacy groups, shelters are only required to have a distance of 2.5 feet between beds, and they’re allowed to use bunk beds. 

The advocacy groups claim that these standards are “grossly inadequate” given the highly-contagious nature of the novel coronavirus.Woman sitting with a woman sleeping in the background regarding the homeless shelter lawsuit filed against the city of Toronto over its COVID-19 response

“Physical distancing is known to be the central health strategy for managing the health impact of COVID-19, at both population and individual levels,” the advocacy groups wrote in a letter to Toronto city officials.

The letter, which is dated April 20, 2020, notes that there were 113 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 11 of Toronto’s shelters.

Find out more about why the advocacy groups claim the homeless shelters are violating the residents’ right to life and security.

COVID-19 Price-Gouging Lawsuit Filed in Windsor

The first COVID-19 price-gouging lawsuit filed in Canada accuses Waterloo-based Caonic Systems Inc. of reselling N95 face masks at a price that’s more than five times higher than the regular listed price.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 3M in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Windsor. According to the COVID-19 price-gouging lawsuit, Caonic Systems was re-selling 3M’s N95 face masks online at a much higher price than the list price.

3M wants to have the price-gouging lawsuit expedited due to the critical importance of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says it is cooperating with authorities regarding its accusations against Caonic and its directors.

Read more about Canada’s first price-gouging lawsuit by clicking here.

Dental Clinic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over COVID-19 Losses

A class action lawsuit has been filed after dental clinics were denied insurance coverage for the losses they suffered due to the forced business interruption amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Centre Dentaire Boulevard Galeries d’Anjou is insured by defendant L’Unique Assurances Générales Inc. and its insurance policy includes Business Interruption Insurance that covers losses sustained from business interruptions.

The plaintiff says L’Unique Assurances Générales Inc. has failed to honor its contractual obligations to provide coverage for business interruption losses related to the coronavirus. The plaintiff notes that there is no clause in the policy to indicate the exclusion of a pandemic, virus, or a health crisis.

Learn more about the dental clinic class action lawsuit by clicking here.

Seniors’ Home Class Action Lawsuit Filed After Nurses Forced to Work Sick

Nurse sitting on the ground regarding the seniors' home class action lawsuit alleging that the facility forced nurses to work sick with COVID-19Another seniors’ home class action lawsuit has been filed in Quebec after 67 residents reportedly died after contracting COVID-19.

The senior’s home class action lawsuit claims residents contracted the illness and died after operators of CISSS de Laval forced nurses to continue working at the CHSLD Saint-Dorothée facility even after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The seniors’ home class action lawsuit alleges that the nurse experienced these symptoms and reported them to the seniors’ home six days after the province called for isolation of those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

164 cases of coronavirus were reported at the seniors’ home. Find out more on why nurses were still going to work despite being sick with COVID-19.

Quebec Federal Inmate Files Class Action Lawsuit After Contracting COVID-19

An inmate at the federal women’s prison in Joliette, Quebec has filed a class action lawsuit after she contracted COVID-19.

The class action lawsuit claims Correctional Service Canada and federal prison officials failed to implement timely protective measures at its correctional facilities.silhouette of a female prisoner regarding the Quebec federal inmate class action lawsuit filed

The prison inmate class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of all federal inmates who have been incarcerated in Quebec since March 13. 

The prison inmate class action lawsuit seeks $100 per day for all federal inmates since a national emergency was declared on March 13, plus an additional $500 for inmates who have contracted COVID-19.

Learn more about this class action lawsuit by clicking here.

Nursing Home Class Action Lawsuit Filed After 31 Residents Die

Residence Herron in Montreal is facing a nursing home class action lawsuit filed by the daughter of a woman who died from COVID-19 while in the care facility.

The lead plaintiff claims the owners of the nursing home essentially abandoned staff and residents without proper equipment or resources to deal with the spreading virus.

A total of 31 residents reportedly died at the facility. A regional health authority had to take legal action before the owners allowed officials to come into the care facility.

The deaths are now under police investigation after the series of fatalities were linked to COVID-19. Learn more about the nursing home class action lawsuit by clicking here.

Consumers Warned Against Using Fraudulent Respirators Amid COVID-19

Health Canada is warning Canadians to watch out for fraudulent and unauthorized N95 respirators marketed as protection against the coronavirus. 

According to the agency, Canadians are being sold fake respirators online and in some stores by merchants trying to cash in on the coronavirus chaos. The agency says that it has received reports that these respirators are not certified under Health Canada Class I medical device regulations or by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).     Woman wearing mask and applying hand sanitizer regarding Health Canada issuing a warning to consumers about fraudulent N95 respirators and lifting restrictions on technical-grade ethanol

Health Canada notes that certified N95 masks ensure that the wearer has a close fit, protecting them from hazardous particles in the air and aerosols.

The agency has also temporarily lifted restrictions on the use of technical-grade ethanol in hand sanitizers to respond to the increased demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Click here to learn more about Health Canada’s warning.

Canadian Airlines Facing More Legal Action in an Effort to Get Passengers’ Refunds

More legal action is being taken against major Canadian airlines over decisions to provide passengers vouchers rather than refunds for COVID-19 cancelations.

A couple who had their nearly $8,000 all-inclusive honeymoon canceled has filed a potential class action lawsuit after they were offered a credit instead of a refund. The airline cancelled the trip because of the coronavirus pandemic.Woman upset at the airport regarding the second class action filed against Canadian airlines by Air Passenger Rights over passengers' refunds

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is also named in a case filed by Air Passenger Rights, a passenger advocacy group, claiming CTA inappropriately took the side of the airlines offering vouchers instead of refunds to passengers who had to cancel their flights. 

Learn more about the major Canadian airlines and agency facing lawsuits after offering credits instead of refunds.

Hand Sanitizer Warnings Issued by Health Canada Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to spread, Health Canada is warning consumers about the potential health risks associated with homemade hand sanitizers. 

The demand for hand sanitizer continues to increase and stores are running out. Some business owners see this as an opportunity to market and sell unauthorized hand cleaning products.

However, companies cannot market hand sanitizer products in Canada without the approval of Health Canada.

Dozens of companies reportedly received warnings from Health Canada as part of the agency’s efforts to crack down on the sale or advertisement of health products claiming to prevent, treat or cure COVID-19.

The agency has authorized many hand sanitizer products for sale in Canada. Click here to find out if a hand sanitizer has been approved by Health Canada.

Privacy Concerns Raised in Canada’s COVID-19 Response

Canada’s efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 spread has raised some privacy concerns. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that using smartphone data to ensure that people are restricting their movements may be a part of Canada’s COVID-19 response. Some provinces have already rolled out the new safety measures. 

Premier Jason Kenny has announced the limited use of smartphones to track those who have been placed under quarantine as a part of Alberta’s COVID-19 response.Smartphone with security cameras around it regarding the privacy concerns raised by Canada's COVID-19 response

The province of British Columbia has reportedly modified privacy restrictions applying to teachers, healthcare workers, and others employed by public agencies as a part of its COVID-19 response. B.C. ‘s information and privacy commissioner explained that residents who are in self isolation may need expanded access to digital technology tools to get vital information to public workers.

Wireless tracking and other measures recently implemented by a number of provinces raises privacy concerns, according to experts who say that Canadians should be vigilant to ensure these measures are transparent and limited to the COVID-19 response.

Click here to read more about the new safety measures that are causing privacy concerns.

Insurers Refusing to Pay Businesses for COVID-19 Related Losses Hit With Class Action

10 of Canada’s and Saskatchewan’s largest insurance providers are now facing a nationwide class action lawsuit after they allegedly refused to pay businesses for losses related to the COVID-19 chaos.

Lawyers say the insurance companies are trying to wiggle out of paying claims because the novel coronavirus was not anticipated.Business insurance policy sign regarding the class action lawsuit filed against insurance companies not paying losses to businesses.

Many insurance companies are calling the COVID-19 pandemic a “force majeure,” which is a legal term used to describe unforeseeable circumstances that prevent a party from upholding a contract. 

However lawyers say just because a business interruption is worse than expected is not justification for insurance companies to refuse to pay their claims.

Click here to learn more about the Canadian insurance class action lawsuit.

Health Canada Warns Consumers About Products Claiming to Prevent COVID-19

Health Canada is warning consumers about companies capitalizing on their COVID-19 concerns by marketing health products with false or misleading claims. 

Health Canada has not approved any products for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19, the sickness caused by the novel coronavirus.

However, products have already been sold with false or misleading COVID-19 claims including some types of masks, disinfectants, Chaga mushroom blends, colloidal silver, plant-based elixirs and formulas, ultraviolet lamps, oregano oil, and hand sanitizers.

Health Canada is advising consumers who have purchased products claiming to prevent, treat or cure COVID-19 to stop using them immediately.

A Winnipeg acupuncturist was revealed through a hidden camera investigation to be selling a herbal tea that he told his clients can prevent COVID-19.

Learn how to report products that are potentially being sold with false or misleading claims by clicking here.

Lawyers Work to Reduce London’s Jail Population Amid COVID-19 Court Closures

Lawyers concerned about the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus are taking on extra cases in effort to release non-violent inmates from an overcrowded jail. 

Lawyer working regarding lawyers in London taking on heavier load to free inmates amid COVID-19Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre in London, Ontario, was reportedly built in the 1970s to hold 150 inmates. The jail currently holds about 320 inmates. This overcrowding of the prison puts inmates and prison staff at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 if the virus reaches the facility.

Prisoners at EMDC share common areas, showers, and jail cells. They are unable to follow the public health guidelines to wash their hands frequently and stay two metres apart from others to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Cases from London are reportedly being heard in St. Thomas because the London courthouse has already had two confirmed cases of COVID-19 and two other suspected cases among its staff.

Click here to read more about how lawyers are helping free non-violent inmates and others whose cases could be handled outside of custody.

Canadian Airlines Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Cancellations

A class action lawsuit has been filed against 5 Canadian airlines in an effort to recover refunds for passengers who can no longer use the airline tickets they purchased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11 because of the highly contagious nature of the virus. Two days later, the Government of Canada issued a travel advisory against non-essential travel outside of Canada and restricting the entry of foreign nationals into Canada. 

Airlines also took initiative and cancelled and/or suspended numerous flights to account for the much lower demand for air travel, the Canadian airline ticket refund class action lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiff claims the defendants implemented new policies that would allow them to keep Class Members’ money and offer travel credits instead of a refund.Drawing of upset passengers regarding the class action lawsuit filed against Canadian airlines that refuse to refund passengers plane tickets amid COVID-19

“This is a consumer protection class action seeking to enforce each passengers’ rights to a refund for monies paid for their air tickets, when they are not able to travel for reasons outside of the control of the passengers,” the Canadian airline ticket refund class action lawsuit states.

Click here to learn more about the Canadian airline ticket refund class action lawsuit.

Steve Nash Fitness World’s Former Employees Seek Legal Help After Being Terminated

Former Steve Nash Fitness World employees are searching for legal help after they were all terminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the former employees are worried the gym may not provide severance pay or be able to rehire them after the crisis. 

The Vancouver-based fitness club closed because of federal and provincial orders meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The club then fired all of its employees who worked at its physical locations.Upset man sitting down in gym clothes regarding Steve Nash Fitness World closing all of its physical locations and terminating all of its employees

Former Steve Nash Fitness World employees are now worried about their pay. After being terminated employees reportedly received an email informing them that they would not be paid through the end of March as originally promised.

Some former employees are suspicious of the gym’s motives. Steve Nash Fitness World is already facing a $20 million class action lawsuit over allegations it failed to properly pay its employees.

Read more about the Steve Nash Fitness World closures by clicking here.

Lawyers Warn Companies About Layoff Legal Risks Amid COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19 many businesses have closed and adjusted to new business practices. Some employers have resorted to issuing temporary layoff notices to their employees.Woman looking unhappy holding a box with her things regarding the temporary layoffs underway amid COVID-19 pandemic

Employment lawyers are warning businesses that these temporary layoffs may be illegal and putting them at risk of lawsuits from workers looking for severance pay. Companies are typically required to pay a severance to workers laid off.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented disruption and may be considered justification for employers to temporarily lay off workers, however there is reportedly no justification in the law to temporarily lay off workers with no pay.

Many companies have found that their income is suddenly halted as consumers stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19 instead of shopping at stores and other activities. The lack of income makes it hard for companies to continue to compensate workers. As a result, some companies are taking the risk of litigation because most workers just want to return to their jobs.

Click here to learn more about the legal risk companies may be taking by temporarily laying off workers amid COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Economic Aid Package Passed to Help Canadians Amid Pandemic

A $107 billion economic aid package has been passed to help Canadians cope with job losses and other economic impacts due to the coronavirus. 

Workers may be entitled to $2,000 per month for four months. Freelancers who currently don’t have access to unemployment insurance will have access to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

The package also provides $2 billion in extra support for Canada Child Benefit payments and an interest-free postponement of student loan payments. 

$305 million will go toward an Indigenous Community Support Fund to address immediate needs in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation communities.

This comes as hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers face unemployment. 

Learn more about the coronavirus economic aid package and what benefits you may qualify for by clicking here. 

Canada’s Competition Bureau Cracks Down on Price Fixing Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Canada’s Competition Bureau is cracking down on anyone taking advantage of businesses or consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Violations can include deceptive marketing practices or collusion schemes with competitors that drive up the price of goods. 

Violation of Canada’s competition laws can carry steep fines of individual penalties up to $750,000, or up to $10,000,000 for corporations involved in false or misleading advertising.

Unfortunately, there have already been several instances of businesses taking advantage of consumers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Find out here how you can report an individual or business you witness violating Canada’s competition laws.

Habitat for Humanity Residents Allowed to Stay in Homes During Coronavirus Pandemic

Hundreds of Habitat for Humanity residents in Edmonton have been given a reprieve from a contract dispute that threatened to force them out of their homes. 

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton agreed to temporarily refrain from forcing the group of 300 people from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

The group reportedly refused the terms of a new mortgage deal presented by the nonprofit home builder, that would force residents from an interest-free mortgage to a mortgage partially financed by a credit union.  

The Habitat for Humanity residents were seeking a court order allowing them to stay in their homes as a class action lawsuit over the dispute made its way through the legal system before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Read more about the Habitat for Humanity contract dispute by clicking here.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Canadian Courts to Postpone Trials

Canada’s justice system is not exempt from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Courts all over Canada have closed their doors and postponed trials.

Exterior of a courthouse regarding the Canadian courthouse closing due to the coronavirusAlberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench has adjourned all trials for at least 10 weeks, noting that only urgent matters will be granted hearings.

Ontario has also put a temporary stop to all jury trials in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

While these measures are useful in the short-term, many are concerned about how the justice system will function once the worst of the coronavirus concerns have passed.

Defense lawyers are also concerned about the amount of time people charged with a crime will remain in custody due to trial postponement.

Learn more here about the court closures.

Coronavirus Forces Prisons to Suspend Inmate Visits and Many Fear There Will Be Consequences

In an effort to slow the coronavirus spread, jails and prisons across Canada have indefinitely suspended in-person visits with inmates. Inmate leaning on jail cell regarding visitations being cancelled at prisons and jails across Canada over the coronavirus

Facilities run by Correctional Service Canada are only allowing phone calls and video visitations while jails in Ontario are allowing phone calls and professional visits.

The move has many people concerned about possible backlash from inmates in Canada. 

Inmates in Italy rioted after the prisons there put restrictions on visits to contain the coronavirus spread. The riot left six inmates dead. 

Learn more about the coronavirus inmate visitation restrictions here. 

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